Dick Hogle -- Kinetic Light Artist.

Avalanche magazine resulted in me posting this web site.

Avalance Magazine.

In the summer of 1970 myself, Willoughby Sharp and Liz Baer developed and layed out a new art magazine that would be published by Willoughby’s “Kineticism Press“. This magazine was “Avalanche”. Willoughby and Liz handled the text and type setting and I designed the photography layout,(which I based on “Life” magazines new photo spreads with bleed’s ) mocked up the publication and did all of the camera ready art mechanicals. The three of us actually designed the over all layout of the magazine. Willoughby had never seen an IBM selectric typesetter/writer before and he spent hours playing with it and all the different fonts. He could stagger type, cascade it and all kinds of neat spacing, paragraphs and tabs.

Art About Face.


As the magazine initially did not have a full staff the mast head listed Boris Wallgrupy as the designer. Boris Wallgrupy represented all three of us as Willoughby didn’t want to put our names in the mast head twice, plus a fourth staff member would look good in the first issue of the publication.

We started on a Friday evening (maybe 6pm) and worked through the whole week end and finished Monday afternoon.

Dick Hogle is a kinetic light artist who has exhibited in Gallery’s and Museums in the U.S. and England. Dick has been involved in the artistic/technical sides of film, television, theater, dance and concert production since 1964

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Dick is currently kicking it, out on the ranch. If you mean to contact him it better be for a good reason -- none of this "Yo! Wuddup dude" kind of stuff.

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